First brew in California!

I made it!  I’m here in Cupertino for a work trip, and today was my travel day.  I was on a six hour flight from New York, in which a young boy (read: Monster) was running up and down the aisles (all the while being lazily watched by his seemingly uncaring mother), and he was hitting everyone in an aisle seat, including myself.  Remember the movie Clifford?  With Martin Short?  Think of that.

Absolutely an image of the boy who kept smacking me and all of the other people on the aisle with his bacteria laden stickyfingers, and definitely not a picture of Martin Short as Clifford in the movie Clifford.

It’s 9:15pm PST, which means it’s 12:15am EST.  I’ve been traveling since 9am EST, and I ate a Country Fried Steak and my buddy Alexander’s extra Oreo Shake at Denny’s.  So, basically I’m ready to hibernate, like a full bellied, exhausted bear.  But, at the end of a long travel day, comes a sweet, sweet, luxurious California reward! 

Sierra Nevada Five Hop Experimental IPA

5.8%ABV, made with “Experimental Hops”.  Sierra Nevada’s website does not say what hops they use.  Comes in at 60 IBUs.  (IBU = International Bitterness Units)

This was bottled on 02/02/2016.  I love my IPAs super fresh, as the older they get, the more the hops fade.  When I opened this one, it smelled like fresh grapefruit, orange, and even some coconut and vanilla.  It had a two finger, bright white, fluffy head, that stuck around for days, seemingly.  Sierra Nevada makes such amazing quality beers, the age didn’t do much, although you can tell the hops faded a bit, especially on the nose.  Taste is candied orange (less grapefruit than the nose), and dry.  Another great beer from these dudes.  I rated it a 3.75/5 on Untappd, only because it’s not super fresh.  I bet I would bump it up if it were fresher.  

I wanted to post a quick beer review for my first beer in California!  Stay tuned for more stories, I’ll be here for the next three weeks!  Cheers!


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